Absolute Spanish Championship 2013

 October 4, 5 and 6 – Club Polo del Sol

No doubt whatsoever Jerez this weekend became the epicenter of the national Polo. The cream of the sport came together in the Championship Final Phase Spain : three intense days that took place in the newly opened facilities Sol Club Polo Polo fans enjoyed about a sporting event that annually draws attention under the high level of the finalists. This time he added the addition of other organizational accessories such as Flemish musical illustration for the nights of Friday and Saturday enlivened the atmosphere.

Four teams involved and an organization that opens its arms was free entry and free – to all those fans came this weekend for the facilities – considered one of the best equipped in Europe , the Polo Club del Sol A quote therefore unavoidable. Spain is European champion Polo: this primacy seems to have taken into account both the host organization , the Club Polo del Sol which currently chairs the entrepreneur José Luis Caballero -like collaborating institution Real Club de Polo de Xerez chaired by Lorenzo Díez or naturally the umbrella body : the Royal Spanish Federation of Polo.

Also noteworthy is the beauty of the continent : a facility located in the countryside of Jerez , the Polo Club del Sol , which would no doubt offer some qualities that underscore its potential to host national and international from now on all horse calls magnitude of maximum range. Its location , between the mountains and the sea -its privileged geographical location , orientation , make it a must and as reference for playing Polo. This weekend, the public had the chance to visit the site of these facilities hectares privilege that -hence nothing much to be discussed.

Day 1 – Friday October 4th

17Whatever your Sun Polo Club on Friday welcomed the two opening matches of the Final Championship Polo Spain. The fans in attendance were able to see up close the level of a team that certainly showed their endorsements on the court. Everyone who attended the first day both highlighted , so unanimous and first grades of the recently inaugurated the Club Polo del Sol , located in Jerez -Cortes road km 23 and deservedly – with – are considered the best equipped in Europe.

During the day yesterday could be demonstrated how the practice of Polo has found a suitable place in the countryside Jerez. A place naturally continue to host horse on different calls. The setting of public was growing as evening fell. In the first game The Island won clearly a Sun Polo while in the second Silex , who beat Valdeparras , was found to be a strong, cohesive , with players and very attuned to their own tactics and strategies.

Fans also enjoyed tents and catering services that complemented the experience of a sporting event in all its full significance. In the expectation of the parties joined in parallel , family life and conversation among friends. The day ended with reciprocal exchange of greetings with great tasting delicacies and enlivened with the illustration of a musical group. Spain The Polo Championship 2013 has started well. Saturday The day promises two parties also have created expectations : Sun – Valdeparras Polo and La Isla -Silex.

Day 2 – Saturday October 5

42-2Minutes before the start of the first match of the second day of the Championship of Spain of Polo and large crowd had gathered at the premises of the newly opened Club Polo del Sol, located at km 23 of the road from Jerez Cortes. Precisely honoring the ownership of the host club, a splendid sun reigned over the court. Music relaxing by placing a sonic nuance to prior to the first match. Team players Jerez- Polo Sun – hope to improve the result of the previous day. Valdeparras also seeks to win his first championship match. Lorenzo Díez- President of the Real Club de Polo de Xerez -relay match. Is maintained for many minutes scoreless. Valdeparras Finally done with the game on the scoreboard imposed Polo del Sol

Continued public coming. Especially entire families. One of them belongs to the lineage of rejoneadores Domecq. All horse lovers are admired world of facilities. The prestigious bullfighter Antonio Domecq said that ” the sun Polo Club has put his two cents in the value of Jerez for the horse. Such facilities are wonderful and are the best way to enjoy the sport of polo with your family. Should be go for the Polo Club del Sol and collaborate on upcoming activities. ”

With a fast-paced start the second game, which pits Silex and The Island Club facilities Polo del Sol and are packed out. Many children playing placidly. Parents, in pleasant chat. The Polo focuses all illusions. Nacho Domecq and Jaime Serra, Silex players, sensational action curdle. A very good game. And win their second straight game. Silex is configured as one of the strongest candidates to win the championship. Tomorrow morning will be the day. Last matches and awards ceremony. The event concludes today with a great atmosphere of emergency. Flamenco music and exquisite cuisine. The night begins to cover the horizon of this wonderful enclave Polo Club del Sol.

Day 3 – Sunday October 6

61The third and final day of the Championship of Spain of Polo did not throw any surprises about clearly favorite team : Silex won their third straight – in victory over host Sun – Polo again demonstrating its superiority over the rest of the participating teams. Silex, therefore, is, in all fairness, the Polo champion Spain. Three games, three wins. And quality game very applauded by fans throughout. The team formed by Nacho Jerez Domecq and his son Louis, as well as a splendid Jaime Serra and
Richard Fagan have shone with light. In the first match of the morning was imposed Island Valdeparras in a very even match, very competitive, which also poured a lot of spectacle on the court. Horse lovers of the world, tourism entrepreneurs, winemaker, agriculture, representatives of the fabric of the city gathered at a colophon – finale – that satisfied all in attendance.

During the trophy presentation showed the satisfaction of organizers, players and general public. On behalf of the City of Jerez delegate attended the Sports Felisa Rosado, the Planning Officer Agustín Muñoz and also the mayor of the Boat Florida Alejandro Lopez Valenzuela. Chaired such delivery Polo Club president and owner of Sun superb facilities businessman Jose Luis Caballero, accompanied by Lorenzo Díez- President of the Real Club de Polo de Xerez – Barca Mayor Alejandro Lopez Florida
Valenzuela, Felipe Morenés and, by the Spanish Federation of Polo, sporting director Luis Benjumea. RCPX President taxed a short but emotional tribute to two players : Ramon Beca, who has represented Spain three Olympics as eventing rider and Nacho Domecq, who for many years has been the captain of the Spanish national Polo and has 18 won
Spain Championship occasions and in 12 SM Cup The King.